How much does a solar system cost?

We size your solar system based on your last year’s usage. Then we ask the question do you expect your average electric usage to be more, less, or the same? Examples: More: Grandma’s coming to live with us? Less: The kids are off to college? If your answer is the same, then we take last year’s average and we design a custom system to meet your needs. The cost varies depending on the size of the system. The good news is that you can own a solar system and pay for it with the same money you were giving your utility company.

Will I have an electric bill after I install a solar system?

You can either choose to install a small system to eliminate the most expensive portion of your bill, or you can choose to install a system large enough to eliminate your entire bill.

Should I purchase or lease a solar system?

If you pay federal tax, the federal government is currently paying for 30% of any installed solar system. If you don’t pay federal tax leasing can provide you with a third party that will pay to install and own the system. The lease basically sells you the power at a reduction in monthly electric costs and they benefit from the tax credit.

Will my system work if there is a blackout?

Systems tied to the utility grid will not work in a blackout, but if this is what you are interested in our company does install systems that are backed up by generator, battery or both depending on your specific needs.

Do I need Homeowner’s Association approval?

Yes, you do need approval from your HOA. But California law prohibits HOA from preventing you from installation. To date we have never had any issue with any HOA.

Do solar systems require maintenance?

Because there are no moving parts there is nothing to oil or lubricate. Maintenance is little to none. Some systems, depending on their environment may require an occasional rinsing.

How does shade affect solar systems?

Because solar systems require photons from the sun a clear path from sun to panel is essential during maximum production hours. This would generally be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will do a shade analysis based on your landscape as part of the energy production estimate.

How long will a solar system last?

Our systems come with a 25 year manufacturer’s power production guaranty. We use the highest quality materials and design our systems to last at least 25 years.