Residential Services

  • Solar System Analysis
  • Solar System Design & Plans
  • Complete Solar System Installation
  • Solar System Permits
  • Funding & Price Matching Guarantees. Terms Available Upon Request.
  • Certified solar system repairs
  • Generators/battery backups
  • Web-based Performance Tracking

…and much more! 

Materials & Warranty

We use only the best equipment and materials including panels and inverters from LG, SMA, Enphase Energy, etc.

Also included with your system:

  • A decade long labor warranty
  • 10-year inverter warranty
  • 25 year panel production warranty

Save on Electric & Increase Value

Studies have shown that adding a solar system increases a home’s resale value by an average of $5.50 per watt and depending on location, can be as high as $6.40/watt.Depending on the size of the solar system you choose to install, you can save an average of 50% of your electric bill or even eliminate it all together.