Solar Benefits

Why Solar

Here are a few of the great reasons to invest in a solar system installed by Golden West Energy. Not only is it good for you, your residence, your business and the environment – but it is an investment in our future generations. How would no electric bill make you feel, especially when you retire?

Since solar panels rely on photons provided by the sun, our nation’s dependency on coal and oil to create power is reduced. You can receive a 30% off the cost of your system in the form of a Federal Tax Credit for your entire purchase. Your business can receive accelerated depreciation treatment from this purchase (for a limited time) reducing the cost to you. You also may be able to receive a state rebate based on how quick you get into the application process.

A solar panel system will also increase your property value as you use clean, green energy, but by law, will never raise your property taxes.

It’s common sense…which house or business would YOU rather buy?…the one WITH or WITHOUT an electric bill?

The Golden West Energy decade long labor warranty, multi-decade inverter warranty and 25 year panel production warranty will give you peace of mind as you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gases. Ask for details.

So click, request a quote today and take advantage of the Golden West Energy free system analysis and design.

How Solar Works

Solar panel systems for your home or business work much like a small solar powered calculator. Just like many calculators use solar cells to convert the light source into energy to run the calculator, solar panels work the same way – but on a much larger scale.

Solar panels, which are made up of special non-reflective glass covering a semiconductor silicon material, are installed in a location to obtain the most amount of sun light during the day – usually mounted on the roof of your home or business; but, sometimes they are mounted on the ground. We will advise you specifically on the best location to produce the most power at the lowest cost.
These solar panels collect photons (solar radiation) from the sun and actively convert the energy into direct current (DC) electrical power. The power then travels into an electronics box called an inverter, which transforms the power into usable voltage and the proper alternating current (AC) electric power, to connect to your home.

Simply put, a solar panel system creates energy from the sun’s radiation, and uses that energy to power your home or business, with no moving parts to break.

Here’s the best part. When your solar system is producing more power than you are using, your electric meter turns backwards. It is like you are making a money deposit into an electric bank account. Then when you use energy at night to run your TV or microwave, you are withdrawing that money from your energy bank account. All this without ATM fees. So request a quote right now and we will answer all your questions.